Fortnite Update Adds New Escort Game Mode

Fortnite players have a new game mode to try out today now that Operations: Payload has been added as the latest Spy Game of the Chapter 2 Season 2 playlists. This new game mode released on Wednesday alongside the latest update is basically an escort mission where players have to move a truck across the map until it reaches its destination. The other team, however, has to do their best to stop the truck from reaching its goal. It’s a pretty typical escort mission formula, but it’s a different twist on the Fortnite experience and will help you in other Spy Games.

Epic Games introduced players to Operations: Payload this week after it was added in the latest update. A post about the game mode referenced a “mysterious truck on the Island” that features a blue and green color scheme which definitely looks like it’s inspired by Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine.

That appears to be more of a clever nod than a teaser for anything, so don’t get your hopes up for a Scooby Doo crossover just yet. What you can do is hop into Fortnite now though to try out Operations: Payload while it’s available.

If you’ve played escort missions in games like Overwatch or others with similar objective-based modes, you’ll already know what to do here. Just stay near the objective to keep it moving while clearing out threats and you’ll reach your destination in no time. If you’re on the opposite side of the objective, try and eliminate the escorts to halt the truck’s movement.

By finishing rounds, players will also acquire Intel which can then be used to purchase more Tech. That Tech influences how these limited-time game modes are experienced through modifiers and other influencers players can choose from, and you’ll need the Tech if you plan on getting the most out of other Spy Games while they’re available.


“You can use your Tech across all Spy Games, and with that Tech, you can upgrade yourself in ways unique to the Spy Games,” Epic Games said about the new mode. For example: take up the new Sharpened Stick ability to charge your Pickaxe’s power — or equip the recent Agile Aim to stay fleet-footed when focusing on opponents. The Tech you unlock carries throughout the whole Season.”

Fortnite’s new Operations: Payload game is now available to play. There’s also a Deadpool minigame in Fortnite if you feel like playing something different.