Fortnite Adds New Deadpool Minigame

Fortnite continued its Deadpool crossover content this week with a new minigame players can play [...]

Fortnite continued its Deadpool crossover content this week with a new minigame players can play inside of the battle royale game, and all you have to do to play it is visit the same spot you've been checking for all of Deadpool's challenges throughout the past few weeks. The Deadpool minigame was added within the game's last patch and lets players ski downhill as Deadpool while trying to avoid obstacles – including Peely, Fortnite's banana mascot – along with other threats that are trying to stop Deadpool's downhill fun.

Players first found the Fortnite minigame when they checked in on Deadpool's secret room again to see what was going on there after the latest update. Head to his computer and you'll find things look normal except for one new icon that's appeared to the left of the monitor. Once you select that, you'll be taken into the minigame where you'll play the classic downhill skiing game, except this time, you'll be playing as Deadpool.

For those who'd just prefer to see what it looks like and be done with it instead of actually going skiing yourself, Fortnite players have already shared videos online to show what the minigame looks like. It also shows how to access the game in case you're still having a hard time finding it.

Of course, to get this game, you'll need to go into the battle pass hub which means you'll need to own the battle pass, so this game is technically a battle pass exclusive. There doesn't seem to be a reward of any sort attached to playing it though, so all you're missing out on without having it is a chance to ski as Deadpool.

When you're done playing the minigame, you can head back into an actual Fortnite match while sporting all of your Deadpool-themed cosmetics you've acquired throughout the weeks. From unmasked skin variants to backpacks and other Fortnite gear related to the character, Epic Games has added numerous pieces for battle pass owners to collect.

Fortnite is currently in the second season of Chapter 2 and will be in it for a bit longer seeing how Chapter 2 Season 3 has been delayed.