Fortnite Is Bringing Back 3 Weapons OG Players Will Remember

It looks like Epic Games is getting ready to pull three weapons out of the Fortnite vault and add them back into the game, though it may only be for a limited time. As you may know, Fortnite has been having a rough go lately. Just last week #RIPFortnite was trending on Twitter as players, en masse, took to social media to fling their criticisms at the game. Epic Games needs to win many players back, and it may start this process by bringing back three classic weapons that have been sitting in the game's vault for awhile. In other words, Epic Games removed them awhile ago, and we haven't seen them since.

There's a lot of players who yearn for yesteryear, when Fortnite was still new. Yes, that's right, people are already nostalgic for the early days of the battle royale game. Unfortunately, the game can't go back to those days, but it can at least bring some of those days forward with it.

According to a new datamining leak, it appears three weapons currently in the vault will be returning for the upcoming Spy Games limited-time mode that leaked earlier this year. More specifically, the rare Mini-Gun, the legendary Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle, and the rare Heavy Sniper Rifle all look poised for a return.


For now, it remains to be seen if these weapons will be limited to just the LTM or be added back into the game proper. Unfortunately, for those looking forward to their return, it's probably the former.

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