Gears of War Developer Reportedly Working on a New IP Alongside Gears 6

The Coalition is hard at work on Gears 6, but it seems that Xbox fans can expect to see something else from the studio. In a new edition of Game Mess, Jeff Grubb discussed the Gears of War developer and what it's working on next. Grubb states that the studio is helping out with development on Halo Infinite. However, Grubb also states that The Coalition is working on a new IP. Grubb has apparently heard rumors about a Star Wars game from the studio, but he doesn't seem to put a lot of stock into that. The video can be found at the top of this page, and Grubb's comments can be found around the 31:40 mark.

"...but The Coalition is also working on a third thing and it likely is a new IP. Now, I've heard rumors that it could be a Star Wars thing from out of The Coalition. But I haven't been able to confirm that and these are rumors that have been kicked around a few different places and so it's hard to track down. Basically, I'm not putting any money on that."

Grubb goes on to say that he is unsure whether or not Gears 6 will happen before this new IP, whatever it might be. It would certainly be interesting to see a new Star Wars game from the developer, but fans should take that with a grain of salt, given the fact that even Grubb seems leery about the prospect.

Microsoft will be at E3 next month, so Xbox fans will likely learn more information about some of the company's upcoming first-party games. One of the biggest complaints about the Xbox Series X is its lack of exclusive titles. Developers like The Coalition should help to alleviate that concern, but it remains to be seen just how long fans might have to wait for some truly exciting exclusives. Of course, Halo Infinite is set to release this year, so fans can expect to see some of the developer's handiwork in the very near future.


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