New Ghost of Tsushima Version Leaked by ESRB Rating

A new version of Ghost of Tsushima has been revealed ahead of schedule by the ESRB with a rating [...]

A new version of Ghost of Tsushima has been revealed ahead of schedule by the ESRB with a rating popping up for something called "Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut." While Ghost of Tsushima got enhancements for the PlayStation 5 after its PlayStation 4 release, this Director's Cut has been listed for both PlayStation platforms to indicate that it'll sport those enhancements on the newer console as soon as it's available. Sony itself has not yet confirmed the existence of the new version of the PlayStation game beyond the ESRB rating alone.

The ESRB rating for the game can be seen here after it was spotted by people like Wario64 and others who shared news of the existence of the game online. You can read through the ESRB rating if you'd like, but don't expect to find anything new there that would divulge what, exactly, a Director's Cut version of the game entails. The rating deals solely with the content of the base game itself which features a lot of combat, swordplay, and flashy kills.

The Director's Cut version of the game may include new content for people to play through, but that sort of name typically implies there will be features added that'll allow players to experience the content they've already played through in a different manner. Commentary from the developers and other additions are possible, but it'll likely come with something worthwhile to warrant an entire rerelease.

That said, we don't yet know what's in this Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut, and as PlayStation owners will recall, we're still waiting to hear about another game that's getting a similar treatment, too.Death Stranding: Director's Cut was announced not long ago during the peak of the summer gaming events with a promise of more details to be shared in the future. That hasn't happened yet, but whenever it does, we'll probably get info on Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut at the same time.

This of course brings us back to one of the biggest PlayStation theories that's been floating around for the past few weeks: The idea that there's going to be a PlayStation event soon where we'll hear more about these and other projects. Sony has not yet conducted its major gaming event of the summer whereas Nintendo and Xbox already held theirs, so people have been trying to determine when such an event might be held. Early July is the running theory, but Sony hasn't said anything that would suggest that's the case.

A new "Ghost of Ikishima" project is supposedly in development for PlayStation consoles, too, so Sucker Punch Productions certainly has its hands full if both of these projects are going on at the same time.