Grand Theft Auto 6 Fans Disappointed by No Rumored Anniversary Event Today

Confusion regarding the anniversary of Grand Theft Auto has led to a lot of disappointed fans hoping for a Grand Theft Auto VI reveal. Earlier this year, Rockstar Games confirmed that it's well into development on the next Grand Theft Auto game and is seemingly prioritizing the project over anything else. With the confirmation that it exists, the recent leaks that teased features, characters, and the location of the game, many are hoping that a proper reveal is around the corner. It's been speculated for a while that October or November could be when Rockstar Games reveals GTA 6, especially since the developer has a history of revealing its games during this time frame. 

Some speculated that today, October 21st, 2022, would be the day GTA 6 would be revealed. Due to various websites, incorrect listings on Google, it was widely believed that the original Grand Theft Auto came out on October 21st, 1997, meaning the game would be 25 years old today. Such a historic milestone may prompt some kind of celebration from Rockstar, like a reveal of the next game in the massive franchise. Unfortunately, that didn't happen because the anniversary is not today. It's not even in October. 

When is Grand Theft Auto's 25th Anniversary?

Grand Theft Auto developer Colin Anderson looked back at their emails from 1997 and revealed that the game released on November 28th, 1997, meaning we have another month to go until the 25th anniversary. This led to a lot of disappointed fans on social media, sadly. It's also worth noting that the 20th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - a game that is all but confirmed to share a setting with GTA 6 – is on October 29th, 2022. Whether that will lead to some kind of big celebration from Rockstar remains to be seen, but it's not out of the question. Either way, fans should probably temper their expectations until the developer actually begins to tease something so they don't get disappointed.

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