Grandma Playing Star Wars Virtual Reality Game Goes Viral


You may be cool, but you'll never be 'Grandma Playing Star Wars VR' cool, sorry. This adorable video of a grandmother playing a Star Wars VR game on Christmas Day, and it's pretty much the cutest thing you'll see all day. Rey might want to consider her for her teacher instead, we're just saying.

The video in question came courtesy of Ohio resident Heather Hrutkay as she captured the pure joy of her grandmother and posted it up on her Twitter account:

Immediately the heartwarming footage went viral, and to be honest: fair. Watching this grandmother dance around laughing and swinging her "lightsaber" in pure joy is just the sort of thing we come to the internet for. We were the only ones touched by this adorable video, here are a few of our favourite reactions to the Jedi Grandma:

Some were even trying to get Ellen DeGeneres in on it:


With everything going on sometimes it's nice, when you can, to take a breather and appreciate small moments like this. It's not always possible, but even something as little as this one moment can brighten someone's day as well as remind us to simply enjoy sometimes. You go, Jedi Grandma - may the Force be with you!