ImJasmine Receives Twitch Ban After Wardrobe Malfunction During Hot Tub Stream

Popular Twitch streamer 'ImJasmine' has been banned on Twitch after a new 'Hot Tub Stream.' [...]

Popular Twitch streamer "ImJasmine" has been banned on Twitch after a new "Hot Tub Stream." Fortunately for viewers of the increasingly popular streamer, the ban is only for a day. In 2021, hot tub streams have taken over the platform. One of the most controversial trends yet, it's helped many experience a meteoric rise up the streaming charts. However, it's also causing problems for both Twitch and those participating in the trend. Several hot tub streams have ended in bannings, usually over wardrobe malfunctions, while reports indicate the trend has led to a decline in ad revenue for the streaming platform.

For now, it remains to be seen if Twitch will address the trend with any sweeping measures. At the moment, it's banning instances of nudity, which is why ImJasmine has supposedly been given a one-day ban and her first ban on the platform.

Right now, neither ImJasmine nor Twitch have confirmed the ban is due to the former's most recent hot tub stream and the wardrobe malfunction that occurred during it, but it's unclear what else it could be for. That said, if either party provides any additional information on the situation, we will be sure to update the story accordingly.

As noted, alongside this trend, many streamers have been blowing up the past few months. At the moment of publishing, ImJasmine boasts well over 200,000 followers, putting her in an elite percentile of Twitch streamers. Compared to the platform's biggest streamers -- like xQc and Ludwig -- roughly 200,000 followers is a humble number, but it's far more followers than the overwhelming majority of Twitch steamers have.

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