Jason Momoa Would Love To Play Kratos In A God Of War Film

UPDATE: Get your "first look" at Momoa as Kratos right here!

Jason Momoa has been keeping rather busy lately, what with his work as the mighty Aquaman in the forthcoming Justice League film. But he recently had a chance to kick back and talk to fans about what he’s doing next.

We already know that he’s signed on to play Rico Rodriguez in the forthcoming Just Cause film, which hasn’t even entered production yet, and he’s likely to be attached to the forthcoming reboot for The Crow. But there’s one role that he wouldn’t mind taking on in the future – Kratos.

Even though Sony doesn’t currently have any plans to do a God of War movie, the possibility is there, especially with the franchise making a comeback next year with an all-new game – not to mention the company’s interest in getting that Uncharted movie off the ground. But Momoa, speaking with fans at a recent event, noted that he was interested in a movie.

As you can see in the video above, a fan asked him if he was aware of the God of War franchise, and whether he would have any interest in playing the mighty Kratos. Momoa simply responded that he did know about “the guy with the white and red” on his face, and, yes, he would love to portray the character. Check out the similarites!


Now, again, that’s not a confirmation that we’re going to get any kind of movie, as Sony hasn’t announced anything But Momoa would probably be a good fit for the role, provided that he can nail that shouting level that he has in Aquaman (“YEAH!”) and really let loose with his blood rage. We’ll have to see what Sony considers this time next year, after God of War is making the rounds and interest in the series gets generated again. A movie would hit the spot – but, it would have to be rated R. No excuses. A God of War movie without bloodshed and boobs just wouldn’t be the same, no matter what kind of audience you’re catering to.


You can check out Momoa in Justice League when it opens this November.

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