Jordan Peele Reveals Desire to Make a Video Game

Get Out and Nope director Jordan Peele has aspirations to take his storytelling skills beyond movies and into video games. Video games are an increasingly interesting medium especially since they're still in their infancy and are making massive leaps every year. The storytelling has evolved from things as simple as a small assortment of pixels running across a 2D landscape on a screen to fully acted performances with rich themes, layered writing, and incredible characters filled with depth. Major Hollywood actors are starting to take prominent roles in major games with stars like Kit Harrington, Keanu Reeves, Willem Dafoe, Elle Fanning, and numerous others lending their talent to games over the last decade. It seems that some Hollywood directors want to take a swing at the gaming industry too.

While promoting the home video release of Nope, writer and director Jordan Peele told that he has aspirations to make a video game. The director recently did a podcast with Hideo Kojima where the two talked about storytelling, Metal Gear Solid, and more, and apparently, Peele was also asked about Kojima if he'd ever make a game. Noting his love for games, he told the ComingSoon that he wants to make one himself.

"It's funny; [Hideo Kojima] asked the same, but absolutely," said Peele. "I do love games. I think that they are very connected to storytelling in that I truly believe the art form is about empathy. It's about putting yourself in somebody else's shoes and understanding what it might feel like to be someone else. So yeah, yes is the answer."

Of course, Peele is a busy man and seems to have a lot of big ideas, so there's no telling if this will ever happen. However, the idea of him collaborating with Kojima on a script or creating his own horror game is truly exciting. Maybe one day the opportunity will present itself, but it will likely be quite a while before something materializes.

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