Kingdom Hearts III Leak Suggests We'll See the Release Date Soon

There have been a ton of leaks in recent months pointing to an arrival of Kingdom Hearts 3 soon. [...]

There have been a ton of leaks in recent months pointing to an arrival of Kingdom Hearts 3 soon. We've had inside looks at possible new worlds, as well as probable release date estimations. A new leak has emerged piggy backing off of our earlier December coverage with new news about a The World Ends With You cameo!

In the video above we see the alleged affirmation that Shibuya from the TWEWY universe will be in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts game that many joke about doubting its existence at this point. When the leak was first revealed in December, the original posted was called out for false information when he brought up the TWEWY cameo, but now that the game has been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch and we see Shibuya in the flesh - many are re-evaluating that original tip.

It's estimated that we will see that Monster Inc inclusion sometime in February with a new trailer, as well as a Frozen reveal at this year's E3. The poster even says that we will see Noctis and Lightning in the future as well.

The February nod rings with high probability given that Square Enix has a pattern of releasing huge announcements for titles the year it's supposed to be released. With an estimated 2018 window, this timeline could very well match up with that. With all of the focus on the most recent Final Fantasy, and both Noctis and Lightning in Dissidia, those two Final Fantasy predictions are plausible as well.

As far as the original leak goes:

"TS - More than likely Toy Story, there are files such as "Airdroid robot", "Gigas", "Floor A", "Flor B", "Floor C", Gunball machine, area doll stage, areadollflamenco, areadollshelf, areadollflamenco, areadollcastle, areadollcushion, areabosscube, areabosscone

RA - Probably Rapunzel (Tangled), has Bonfire, Cliffhill, Curvecliff, Limestone cave, Swamp Clover, mushroom, lead flower, jagged grass, dead hornbeam, wetlandlamp, torch, mountain, lavender, tower door, branch the only weird thing with this one is there are Wetland Tarzan Tree files with them.

FZ02 - Frozen...I believe this is Frozen and for the love of god pleaase don't make it a musical if it is Square. Has A LOT of Icicle files, Crystal, Hexpillar, Lamp, fences. There is literally like Icicle files label A, B, C, D as well as Area files labeled the same way. Some of these are jpgs, but again I cannot download any of these files sadly.

RG - Radiant Garden maybe? Has Castle, monitor, computer, machine, door, pipe A, pipe B, pendulum, balance stick, arc gate, house, castlebehind, computer room

DP - Land of Departure maybe? Or maybe it's Daybreak P... Has a lot of castle files. Castlehandrail, castlewall, castlestaindglass, castlefloor, castlestage

HE - Probably Hercules groundstairswall, groundstairspillar, groundstairsbrokenwall, buildingroof, stoneblock, arc relief, arc stone, arc pillar, Hercules doll,pot broken, hammer

PO - More than likely Winnie the Pooh tree, rabbithouse, landry, honeypot, scarecrow, vegetables, bridge, fence,

DC - Probably Disney Castle There are library bookshelf, candle, chair, ink bottle,library fireplace, dog bed"

Kingdom Hearts 3 will release some time in 2018