Kirby Star Allies Release Date Revealed, New Abilities Shown Off

This morning in a brand new Direct presentation, Nintendo revealed that Kirby Star Allies will be [...]

This morning in a brand new Direct presentation, Nintendo revealed that Kirby Star Allies will be hitting Nintendo Switch on March 16. Players can look forward to some brand new copy abilities, insane ability combinations, and of course, cooperative play! We finally have some brand new footage of Kirby Star Allies, which you can check out above. It's from the official Direct, so you'll have to track ahead to the 2:21 mark for some Kirby goodness.

Two of the new copy abilities are shown off in the trailer. The 'artist' ability will enable Kirby to slap together a quick work of art on a canvas, which will promptly come to life and seek out enemies! We assume that there will be different paintings that do different things. Of course, you can also wield your paintbrush as a weapon; it doubles as a super colorful sword!

The 'spider' ability will allow Kirby to wrap up his foes in little web pods, rendering them immobilized and vulnerable. Leave them there, stuck and tangled up in your web, or run up and kick them to take out even more enemies. The best part about this ability? The adorable little hat that Kirby wears. Just look at the little eyes and legs stick out of there! It's so cute we could just throw up everywhere.

The big feature being teased for Kirby Star Allies are the Friend Abilities. You'll be able to mix and match certain abilities with each other to create crazy, effective combos. Why not mix the 'plugg' and 'yo-yo' abilities to great a whirling, shocking death yo-yo?! Combine 'chilly' frost breath with a 'water' torrent to sent forth waves of deadly ice-sickle lances. There are so many possibilities. You'll also be able to play with up to three friends to trigger certain abilities in co-op mode!

Kirby is one of Nintendo's oldest and most precious mascots, and we can't wait to experience his debut adventure on Nintendo Switch this March. We'll be following this one closely, so stay tuned!