Last Man Sitting Puts A Unique Twist On Competitive Shooting Games

We've got more competitive shooters on the market right now than we can shake a stick at. But how many offer you the opportunity to take out opponents while scooting around in an office chair?

That's the premise for Last Man Sitting, a new indie game that's set to make a big impact when it arrives next year. In it, you play a guy sitting in a chair, trying to knock others out of their seats by any means necessary – even by using something like a shotgun or a rocket launcher. (You could probably just yell "Free lunch!" and that would work just as well – but it wouldn't be as much fun.)

A new trailer for the game has just debuted, and while it's a bit on the brief side, it shows you what kind of havoc it can generate, whether it's knocking someone across the room, or using your newfound maneuverability to avoid incoming shots and set up your own counterattack. The catch is that the only way you can really move around is by using the recoil from your weapon – so it's more strategic than you might think.

The game will feature two modes upon its release, including a standard team deathmatch mode, as well as a Battle Royale-style mode (because PUBG, obviously) in which the last person standing – er, sitting – is the winner. Just don't expect 100 people, as it'll be set with a much smaller player count.

Last Man Sitting currently has an early 2018 release date for PC, and is set to go into alpha practically any minute now. It will start out with four player local co-op support, before the development team introduces online multiplayer, as well as a level editor and the ability to buy custom chairs for use in the game. Because, you know, we want something aside from the pastel green.


You can watch the trailer above, and if you want to learn more about what the game is about – or you just want to keep updated on its progress – check out this Reddit forum. It's definitely a game you won't want to sit still over.