League of Legends Champion and Skin Sale Jan. 23–26

Leona, Miss Fortune, and several League of Legends skins are about to go on sale for reduced RP [...]

League of Legends Rek Sai
(Photo: Riot Games)

Leona, Miss Fortune, and several League of Legends skins are about to go on sale for reduced RP costs when a new series of discounts comes to League tomorrow.

The sale that's about to begin was revealed through League's sales site that detailed everything to look forward to along with the champions' and skins' new RP prices. If you're looking to add either a new champion to your roster or deck out your already owned champs with some new skins, here's what this sale has to offer and how much you'll have to spend to get what you want:


  • Uncle Ryze for 260 RP
  • Constable Trundle for 375 RP
  • Cryocore Brand for 487 RP
  • Eternum Rek'Sai for 675 RP


  • Miss Fortune for 395 RP
  • Elise for 440 RP
  • Leona for 440 RP
  • Vel'Koz for 487 RP

Regarding the skins that are on sale, even the cheaper cosmetics are viable options this time considering the champs that they're for. Though it's definitely one of his less expensive skins, Ryze is still a powerful champ in the mid lane with easy access to a Stopwatch and quick mana returns, and his patriotic skin changes him just enough to make the give the champ a new look. Brand's Cryocore skin offers a contrasting take on the champ from his usual fiery appearance, and with new players receiving Brand automatically through leveling up, it's an easy way to give the champ a skin if you've been putting in the practice.

But while the skins are usually the more sought-after part of the sale, that actually might not be the case this time with Miss Fortune, Leona, and Elise on sale. While they may be overshadowed by some champs such as Tristana, these three are all quite powerful in the current meta and would be a perfect addition to any team. If you've got more Blue Essence than RP laying around though, we'd advise you to pick up Leona and Miss Fortune for a discounted BE price instead through the special sale that's going on until Jan. 25.

This League of Legends champion and skins sale starts on Jan. 23 and will run until Jan. 26.