League of Legends Updates Health Bars With New Changes

League of Legends Jinx Vi
(Photo: Riot Games)

A new wave of changes for the health bars in League of Legends is coming in the next patch that’ll continue the improvements by adding clear representation of different status effects.

The changes for the health bars have been previewed several times through work-in-progress updates from Rioters who were working on the update. The goal of the project isn’t a small one by any means with Riot Games previewing different health bar effects for statuses such as when champions are invulnerable, unkillable, or unstoppable depending on the abilities that they have.

Throughout the numerous updates that were published by Riot as they tweaked the health bars, several gifs and videos showed what the new changes would look like in-game as well. Quickly getting bursted by an enemy champ is one moment where you’ll notice the changes immediately as you health bar immediately depletes and your screen shakes slightly. You can turn the shake feature off though if it’s too jarring, but it appears that it’ll be on by default.

Below are all of the changes to League’s health bars that’ll be shipped with Patch 7.24:

Champion Healthbars

  • New mega states
    • Spell shielded
    • Invulnerable (updated)
  • New mortality states
    • Extra Life Available (Guardian Angel, Zilean Chronoshift, etc)
    • Resurrecting (crowd control text)
    • Unkillable (Tryndamere Undying Rage, Kindred Lamb's Respite)
  • New mobility state
    • Unstoppable (Malphite Unstoppable Force, Olaf Ragnarok)
  • New defensive window states
    • Armor shredded
    • MR shredded
    • Combo shredded
    • Armor up
    • MR up
    • Combo up
  • New impactful moments supported
    • Burst damage animation, and shake (we’ve included an option to turn this off)
    • Burst healing animation
    • General readability and responsiveness improvements including clearer damage colors and timing.

Non-Champion Health Bars

  • Stylistic improvements, but no size changes
  • Baron’s healthbar now stays in place during encounter instead of bouncing all over.
  • Ultimate pet healthbar improvements (Tibbers, Daisy, Maiden) and Rift Herald (summon)
  • No changes to lane minions

Global Improvements

  • 4K support (not cursor though, sorry!)
  • New tech stack = easy to add new stuff and maintain.

Stuff that Shouldn’t Feel Different

  • Last Hitting
  • Objective Takes
  • Healthbar width of all major objectives and structures haven’t changed so your Smite muscle memory should be as good as it was before.