Riot Explains Why Lux Received One of League of Legends' Lunar Skins

The recipients of League of Legends’ newest Lunar skins were revealed earlier today, and with [...]

League of Legends Lunar Lux
(Photo: Riot Games)

The recipients of League of Legends' newest Lunar skins were revealed earlier today, and with Warwick and Nasus receiving two of the three skins, some players have been left wondering why Lux is getting the third Lunar skin.

Nasus and Warwick were two champions that many guessed would receive the new skins – it's fitting with 2018 being the Year of the Dog, after all – but Lux came as somewhat of a surprise. Aurelion Sol was considered for the final skin with a reference to light in the Lunar teaser along with a symbol in the top-left corner that appeared to resemble Aurelion Sol, but it appears that the left symbol was Nasus with the right being Warwick and a dog in the middle.

Now that the skins have been revealed, Riot Games' senior QA on skins KateyKhaos and product manager I Am Carlos took to Twitter to explain the decision-making process behind giving Lux the new skin.

While the response from Riot does outline the thought process behind giving a popular champion a skin that people will most likely buy if they don't feel like splurging for her more expensive Elementalist skin, the answer still didn't sit well with some who responded. Twitter users highlighted the part of the response where it was mentioned that Lux received her last skin a year ago and should therefore be eligible for another while naming champions that haven't received skins in several years. While Lux may have quite a few skins to her name, Nasus would also be in question for his skin as well since he received his Worldbreaker Nasus skin on Nov. 10, 2016, the same month that Lux received her Elementalist, but the dog champion hasn't drawn the same amount of criticism for his skin.

The Lunar Empress Lux skin along with the other recently revealed skins are set to go on the PBE soon with Lux's new skin priced at 1350 RP.