League of Legends MMO in the Works at Riot Games

Greg Street, Riot Games' vice president of intellectual property and entertainment, has confirmed that the publisher is working on an MMO set in the League of Legends universe. In his initial post on Twitter, Street revealed that the team is currently hiring for a game that many fans had been long asking for, hinting that some might refer to it as "massive." When pressed whether or not that game is actually an MMO, Street confirmed it to be the case. Further details are slim as of this writing, but this should come as great news for fans of League of Legends!

The Tweets from Street can be found embedded below.

It's no secret that Riot Games has been looking for opportunities to expand the League of Legends universe beyond the current MOBA. Last year, the publisher formed Riot Forge, a publishing arm with the specific purpose of working alongside third-party developers to create single-player games set in Runeterra. While the League of Legends MMO is a separate thing entirely, it shows just how committed Riot Games is to finding ways of building the brand. That certainly bodes well for the future of League of Legends, and it will be interesting to see the various ways in which the universe continues to grow, as a result!

For now, fans will just have to wait patiently for more information on the game. It's impossible to say exactly when development began, but it certainly sounds like things are in the very early stages of development, at this time. Of course, League fans have been asking for an MMO for a very long time, so just knowing that the game is now in development should make the wait a little bit easier!


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