League of Legends Reveals First Look at New Champion

After teasing yet another new League of Legends champion recently, Riot Games revealed a first look at Sett on Wednesday along with the Ionian champion’s origin story. Sett is half Vastaya, half human, and loves to pummel enemies with his fists. We don’t yet know what his abilities actually do, but they’re sure to involve a lot of hand-to-hand combat since the champion is supposed to be a Fighter and a Juggernaut, more specifically, based on what Riot has said prior to this reveal.

Sett’s title is “The Boss,” and when you read his story that’s found on the champion’s Universe page, it’s easy to see why he’s called that. The champion was born into adversity by being a Vastaya character who’s part Ionian thanks to his mother and part Noxian thanks to his father. The Ionians rejected him because of his nature, and the disappearance of his pitfighting father gave way for people to target him on those grounds, but he found a new home in Noxian fighting pits where he rose to the top of the ranks.

He won match after match through sheer power, and while seeking more money than he could ever make in these pits, he became the boss of the fighting pit through force. This led to him acquiring his “The Boss” title since he’s essentially a crime lord who’s got a league of fighters and other illicit operations at his disposal.

League of Legends Sett
(Photo: Riot Games)

“The half-beast who reigned supreme in the pit now runs his illicit enterprises with the same iron fist,” Sett’s story closes. “Any time someone challenges his authority, he personally reminds them where they stand. Every punch Sett throws is a blow to his old life of poverty and ostracism, and he intends to make sure that old life stays down.”


There are of course some questions left unanswered in his story, but that’s always part of the mystery of new champions. There’s the question of who his mother and father might be assuming they’re even known characters at all (his father’s identity would be more interesting to know given the character’s violent tendencies and how he fueled Sett’s quest for power). If you look at the champions who are related to Sett in some way through altercations or perhaps through family ties, you’ll see that Alistar and Draven are known to Sett. His relationship with those two champions will likely be revealed in the short stories that typically accompany champion reveals along with in-game quotes that reveal his thoughts on them.

Sett being a Juggernaut means that his gameplay will be similar to that of champions like Darius, Trundle, Illaoi, Urgot, and other characters. You can check out Riot’s list of classes and subclasses from years ago to see what other champions are Juggernauts.