Next League of Legends Patch Will Add Muting and Reporting Champ Select

League of Legends is getting a new feature in Patch 10.13 that’ll allow players to report and [...]

League of Legends is getting a new feature in Patch 10.13 that'll allow players to report and mute others while they're in champion select before the teams even load into the map. The option to either report people for what they're doing or mute them entirely so you don't have to listen to them is one that was planned for a release at some point this year but is now arriving sooner than expected. This feature was confirmed for the next patch along with a preview of other buffs, nerfs, and features players can expect to see in the next patch.

Riot Meddler, the game director for League of Legends, acknowledged last month that "disruptive behavior in Champ Select is a problem that players have very few ways to deal with." To help remedy this issue, Riot said it'd be adding the mute and report functions to the champ select stage of the game. It's a feature players have been requesting for a while now with stories of being harassed in champ select over past performances, objections to chosen champions and builds, and seeing players hold the lobby hostage because they didn't get their way.

Q2 2020 was the only timeframe given for the feature at the time, but we now know it'll arrive in Patch 10.13 which should release in a week.

It's also worth pointing out the heads-up Riot Meddler shared about the system when it was first announced, assuming nothing's changed. Once the feature is added, players won't be punished immediately for their actions in champ select. After Riot establishes a foundation for what to do with those players based on the reports issued, punishments will start being distributed to offenders.

"First, these reports will be used to establish a data foundation for champ select behavior," said Riot Meddler in May. "Then, once we've got enough data to identify different types of behavior accurately, we'll deploy a punishment system."

Reporting and muting people in champ select is just one function Riot said it'd be implementing in its long-term plans against game-ruining behavior. Moderate-term plans include better identifying players who are intentionally trying to lose games where the long-term plans are still to be determined.

League of Legends' mute and report functions will be added to champ select in Patch 10.13.