League of Legends Appears to Be Getting a Physical Lore Book

It seems like League of Legends players will eventually be able to dig into the lore of the game’s world through some sort of physical product containing the history of Runeterra. The latest deep dive into how the narrative aspect of League has been approached in 2019 and how it’ll continue to explore different parts of the game hinted at a project that’s “about to hit shelves.” More details elaborated on that tease and said Riot Games has created a “beautiful bundle of lore goodness” players will be able to acquire.

The “Narrative in 2019” article from head of narrative Ariel “Thermal Kitten” Lawrence touched on some of the biggest narrative developments so far in 2019 before moving on to discussing what’ll apparently be a physical collection of League lore. The creation of the new Ixtal region and the exploration of other places through the eyes of champions like Ezreal are just parts of what players have seen this year alongside stories of reimagined champions like Pantheon.

But towards the end of the article in a section titled “Questions Still on the Shelf,” we see an indicator of what’s to come.

“Within narrative, we constantly bring up and debate the little shiny bits of our world and characters,” the Rioter said. “These often present as stories we’d like to tell about Runeterra, but have a hard time connecting to the more focused opportunities surrounding a specific champion launch. Also, while we’re surrounded by the digital versions of Runeterra’s stories and images on Universe, we wanted a way to hold it in our hands. Maybe I’m old school, but there’s nothing like getting lost between pages. Thankfully we’ve found a particularly sparkly solution to address both of these desires. Details on how to acquire this beautiful bundle of lore goodness will be coming very soon.”


Though it might not have anything to do with the product itself, it’s worth pointing out that the post from the narrative lead contains many uses of the words “shiny” and “sparkly.” Rioters are known to insert teasers into the text ahead of upcoming reveals, so it’s worth taking note of for future teases even if there’s no hidden meaning behind it.

League already has a ton of stories players can explore by reading through the game’s universe, so perhaps this book or whatever the product may be will contain those tales along with information about the many champions and the regions they inhabit. Riot also partnered with Marvel to create comics featuring some of the game’s most recognizable champions.