Early League of Legends Patch Notes Preview Next Buffs, Nerfs, and More

With the next League of Legends patch scheduled to drop in a week, Riot Games offered another preview of the changes to come by showing off its planned buffs, nerfs, and other adjustments for Patch 12.14. Those changes unsurprisingly include some follow-up work on things like sustain runes and items which were previously impacted by the Durability Update as well as Enchanters, the class of support champions known for their frequent use of heals, shields, and other effects. Gangplank was also highlighted separately from the broader notes as a champion that'll undergo more extensive changes when the next update drops.

As we usually see during patch previews like this one, the early notes for the next update were shared by League's lead designer on the balance team Matt "Riot Phroxzon" Leung-Harrison. They can be seen below to offer a preview of what's to come with some expected nerfs coming through for champions like Sivir and Seraphine. Some of the champions on the other end of the update that are getting buffed include Teemo, Varus, LeBlanc, and others.

Not all of the context was provided in the patch notes here, however. Some of the changes were more extensive and must be seen elsewhere such as the changes planned for the various healing runes and items in League.

Gangplank was called out specifically in these patch notes, a champion which still is played frequently in the top lane and has been a strong pick in the competitive scene for some time.

"Intent is to weaken his lane power early, move some of his crit incentives out of barrels and into more committal dmg, but still bias him towards crit," Leung-Harrison said in a separate tweet about the champion. "We experimented with several adventurous crit incentives, but ultimately decided he didn't need it and went simple."

If you plan an Enchanter champion, you'll want to pay special attention to what's coming in the next update. While the Mythic Items those champs use are getting nerfed, the sustain nerfs will similarly cut back on how long champions can comfortably stay in the bot lane after fights. Several specific Enchanters including Seraphine, Yuumi, Janna, and Renata are being changed at the same time.

This next League update should be out in a week, so look for the final patch notes to be revealed then to see specifically what's changing.