Next League of Legends: Wild Rift Update Adds 4 Champions, New Runes

League of Legends: Wild Rift’s roster will grow even more in June whenever Patch 2.3 releases to add new champions to the mobile game. Riven, Irelia, Lucian, and Senna will be the next four champions added with each of them carrying over their abilities from League of Legends on PC with some slight adjustments and new looks. The same update is also adding a few more runes for players to utilize in their champion builds.

In preparation for the release of Wild Rift’s next update, Alan “RiotMirross” Moore, the game director working on the game, shared some insights into Patch 2.3 in a dev diary video. Moore talked about the four champions being added, the new runes, and other details to look forward to whenever the next update drops.

As is the case with any champion that gets added to Wild Rift from League, the champions coming in the next update should feel similar to how they play in League proper. Irelia’s abilities have been adjusted slightly, however, to accommodate the champion’s quick dashes on the mobile format.

“Irelia’s first ability, Blade Surge, works a little differently in Wild Rift,” Moore said around a minute and 15 seconds into the video. “We noticed during development that dashing to multiple low-health minions with precision was not easy to do, so aiming with Blade Surge will automatically prioritize marked or low-health targets and tapping will continue to prioritize champions. This may take some getting used to, so we’ll be providing more tips and tricks as we approach Irelia’s launch.

Lucian and Senna were said to be releasing “later in the patch,” so it sounds like we can expect Riven and Irelia to hit the Rift first.


As for the runes, the biggest change is that one rune is being replaced with another. Kleptomancy, a rune which was first added in the PC version of League before eventually being removed, is being taking out of Wild Rift, too. It’ll be replaced by Phase Rush, a popular rune in League that grants a burst of movement speed after landing three attacks on an opponent. Other changes include the Regeneration, Spirit Walker, and Backbone runes being replaced by Second Wind, Bone Plating, and Adaptive Carapace.

League of Legends: Wild Rift’s next update with all this content and more will arrive in June.