Lost Judgment Special Editions Include New Fighting Style and Playable Character

The DLC included in the special editions of Lost Judgment has been revealed as of this week, and unlike many special editions that only consist of smaller add-ons, these versions of the game actually have some pretty interesting content. Detective Dogs, skateboards, girlfriends, Sega video games, motorcycles, and more have been confirmed as parts of certain DLC packages, but the main attractions among everything announced include a totally new fighting style and the ability to play as Kaito.

A timeline for this new content was shared by the RGG Studio Twitter account to show that not all of this will be available at launch. On September 24th when the game release, players will, however, be able to get the "Detective Essentials Pack." This is obtained by pre-ordering the Digital Deluxe or Digital Ultimate Editions of the game and includes some of the items listed first above that one would expect from special editions and pre-order bonuses.

The "School Stories Expansion Pack" and the "Kaito Files Story Expansion" are where things get interesting. In the former that's obtained by pre-ordering the Digital Deluxe or Digital Ultimate Editions, you get access to things like a new motorcycle, a new race course, and ways to interact with school clubs including a boxing ring.

Through this boxing element, Lost Judgment adds a totally new fighting style to the game that'll exist alongside Yagami's Crane and Tiger Styles. A spokesperson representing Lost Judgment confirmed to ComicBook.com that this Boxing Style is indeed a fully realized fighting style independent from the other styles available and has its own unique strengths and gameplay elements.

Beyond that, an even bigger surprise was that people would be able to play not only as Yagami but also as Kaito in the new game. Kaito joins the Lost Judgment cast after making his first appearance in Judgment previously, but he was only a companion in that game and couldn't be controlled. If you pre-order the Digital Ultimate Edition of the game, you'll be able to play as Kaito through his own story. A post on the PlayStation Blog said it'll add around 10 hours of new story content, and Kaito himself will also boast his own unique fighting style.


RGG Studio confirmed on Twitter that people will be able to purchase this extra digital content at launch if you don't opt for the special editions of the game, but specifics on that have not been shared yet.

Lost Judgment is scheduled to release on September 24th with early access via Digital Deluxe or Digital Ultimate Editions pre-orders starting on September 21st.