Nintendo Reveals new Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Details

With just a few weeks to go before its release, Nintendo has revealed new details about Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. The Nintendo Switch game is a fresh take on the Mario Kart formula, allowing players to purchase a physical kart featuring Mario or Luigi and build their own tracks around their home. Then, players control the physical kart with the Switch console as the kart drives around the track! In a new press release, Nintendo revealed some of the modes players can expect to see, power-ups that will appear in the game, and what will come in the package when the game releases.

When players purchase Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, they'll receive a physical Mario Kart with a built-in camera. The kart is accompanied by four gates, two arrow signboards, a USB charging cable, and an eShop download code for the game itself. According to Nintendo, the game will work best with a space of about 12' x 10'. The courses that players make can range in level of complexity. The game should give players a lot of freedom to create interesting tracks!

As in other Mario Kart titles, Home Circuit will feature a number of power-ups, and they seem to work pretty closely to the way they do in the main series games. Mushrooms make the physical kart go faster, Red Shells make it stop, Stars will make the kart impervious to harm, Bloopers cover the screen in ink, Spiny Shells attack the kart that's in front, and Bullet Bills propel your kart forward. The power-ups can be viewed in the trailer in the Tweet above.

The game's main mode is Grand Prix. In the mode, there are 24 different tracks. These are still based on courses the player creates, but they feature unique obstacles from the Mario series based on the theme. There's also a Mirror Mode, Time Trials, and Custom Race mode. The latter allows players to add their own obstacles and items to the tracks they build.


All in all, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit seems really promising! It remains to be seen whether or not players will struggle with space limitations, but we'll know more when the game arrives exclusively on Nintendo Switch on October 16th!

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