'Mario Tennis Aces' Reveals Three New Characters Coming Soon

Looks like the Mario Tennis Aces line-up is about to get a little bigger according to a recent announcement by the team over at Nintendo. For fans of Pauline, the latest reveal is especially good news!

Donkey Kong's Pauline is back and ready to join the gaming-verse once more after her reappearance in Super Mario Odyssey. Joining with her is Super Mario Galaxy's Luna and Super Mario's Boom Boom. All three of the latest additions can be seen in action in the video above, showing off what they will bring to the beloved title from the Big N.

The newest additions on their way to the tennis-loving game are expected to drop in the first quarter of 2019, though an exact release date hasn't been revealed at this time. As for the more immediate additions, Koopa Troopa is still slated to arrive for all on November 30th!

Mario Tennis Aces is available now on Nintendo Switch, perfect for fans of the spanning Nintendo franchise while also providing a good-natured competitive experience filled with fun and fandom throwbacks.

For more about the game itself, courtesy of Nintendo:

"Complete missions and boss battles in Adventure mode while mastering the controls," reads the game's official description. "Test your hard-earned skills in singles or doubles with up to 4 players in local* or online** multiplayer, not to mention Tournament Mode, which lets you challenge the CPU. Store up energy and use it to pull off amazing feats: move so fast the world slows down around you or aim in first-person to send the ball crashing down! Your rivals may attempt to block you, but if they fail, their racket will take damage—and break after three hits. Fully charge your energy to launch the ball with enough force to KO your opponent!"

Are you excited to see how the game has evolved since launch? What other characters would you like to see make their way over into the tennis title? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below, or shoot me over your picks over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy!