Marvel Writer Wants to Make a Black Panther Video Game

black Panther

Now that the Black Panther film has officially hit theaters, the latest Marvel film is making some major waves both in the box office and our hearts. For gamers, a lot of of are hoping that this huge success can translate into a new video game for us to enjoy, and it looks like that might be more of a possibility than we originally thought.

Marvel writer (Rise of the Black Panther) Evan Narcisse just posted on his social media account that he would be interested in being a part of a Black Panther video game:

The reactions were both instantaneous and hilarious:


Needless to say, we're not alone in being all for this idea! Though the character has been seen briefly in the gaming medium before, we want a full-on dedicated game! The question now is do fans want a story-based game, or a fighter? Do we want to go brawling all in, or a narrative-driven game? Or do we want to be like one twitter user above and demand The Elder Scrolls: Wakanda? (kidding!)