Marvel's Avengers Gameplay Revealed at Comic-Con

Today, as it promised it would, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix revealed Marvel's Avengers gameplay at San Diego Comic-Con, providing the first-ever look at the combat of the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia title. Unfortunately, the trailer hasn't been posted online, and Square Enix has confirmed it won't be released until a week after Gamescon. That said, there's a good chance it will leak in the next couple of hours via some shaky phone video. Until then, you're just going to have to settle for a description of the trailer, which we have, because we were lucky enough to see it as it happened at Comic-Con. Here's how it went:

Footage stars out with plane scene from first trailer sailing by Avengers Tower. The Ship then lands with narration, and we get the crew suiting up and heading into the explosion on the bridge. More commentary here, and then we see Thor (controlling) and a battle on the ground with agents being knocked back by Thor, a quicktime event has you hitting A to create a massive blast, sending them back. Thor then hits with his multiple hammer strikes, and even juggles a few in the air, as the camera goes back and zooms in close as he hits. He then blasts through some rubble and sends the hammer forward to take out a guard, and then moves closer. He sends it forward again to knock someone off rubble, and it sends them sailing into the sky. He then picks up a piece of rubble off of a citizen, and then talks to people stranded in a bus. We then see him target multiple enemies and knock them back with hammer attacks, and then launches into combos as lightning hits the ground all around him.

Soliders with shields approach him, and he unleashes an attack that lifts them all up into the sky and then blasts them back. Gameplay switches to Iron Man, who is pursuing several soldiers with jetpacks. He is avoiding missiles and attacks as he flies through the bridge rubble and tries to lock on to targets. During this various Avengers are communicating with him via audio in a channel shown above. Nice B-Movie extras line. He then lands on the ground and shoots some repulsor blasts, but then sails back into the sky, hovers, and launches various attacks while airborne. He can dodge in the air as well, as we see him dodge a rocket and several blasts. Another type of repulsor blasts is shown.

Then we move to Black Widow, who is in the Quad-Jet with Bruce. She says you're up Bruce and he opens the door and jumps out, changing to Hulk as he lands on the ground. Gameplay switches to Hulk who is massive in size compared to the soldiers, and he picks one up and tosses them around like they were nothing. He follows that with slamming one into the ground, and then takes two soldiers and slams them together (it's awesome). He then goes barreling through the rubble and destroys tons of cars and debris. We see some platforming as well, and he stops in mid-air to dish out an attack that pounds the ground. We then see him leap again and come down on the ground, and he picks up a massive piece of debris and uses it as a weapon.

Captain America is up next. He blocks attacks with his shield and then the guards throw concussion grenades, but he throws his shield to ping pong and hit several guards in the room. He then tosses his shield and kicks it at someone which again, is awesome. He also braces with his shield and then pushes it to knock someone back. We then see a girl with a Captain Marvel shirt on the helicarrer. It's Kamala Khan.

Then a ship lands and it is revealed to be Taskmaster, but he attacks the bridge first, causing Hulk to have to grab the cables and the rest of the group to do as well. Gamepay switches back to Black Widow, who is tailing Taskmaster. He is flying with a flying harness and she leaps on his back, with quick time events to punch him in the back. It appears you are trying to steer him into debris. They then whirl by all sorts of debris. It's insane. We then see a quick time event where she pushes his head into gravel as they soar and then takes something from him. We then get them fighting one on one, and she targets him in the sky and shoots at him, though he deflects with his shield. She eventually knocks him back to the ground, and we see her flip around a bit, shoot, and then hit him with melee attacks. He taunts her throughout and has a flaming sword. The action looks intense, and she grabs him at one point and flips him down by his head just like in the movies.

She says something about him taking weapons from SHIELD, and they continue to battle.The fight continues, and she activates her camo cloak, and punches him from all angles, then charges up her gauntlet to him him with a bolstered up widow's bite.

The fight continues, and she activates her camo cloak, and punches him from all angles, then charges up her gauntlet to him him with a bolstered up widow's bite. She then deactivates his missles, but taskmaster tells her the world will remember this day, the day the heroes failed them. The Avengers regroup, but then the helicarrier explodes and falls into the sea, seemingly contaminating it. Some say they were setup, others call them murderers. Narration seems like it could come from Kamala. Well, we all lost something that day, but that's now how the story ends. We then see a sizzle reel of footage from the trailer.

Marvel's Avengers will be available -- barring any delay -- on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia on May 15, 2020. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of next-gen ports, but given the game's release date, you'd assume such plans are in the pipeline.

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