Marvel's Avengers: Here's How Captain America Returns

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding Marvel's Avengers is the involvement of Captain America, who we knew would be playable at some point but no one knew how or when. In the beta and initial trailers, we all saw that he died in the explosion that sunk the Chimera and hit the city with a Terrigen Wave, but since he was featured so heavily in the artwork and was fully playable, fans knew he would make his return to the land of the living somehow by game's end. Now those questions have been answered, and we're going to give you all the spoiler details, but if you haven't played through the game yet big spoilers are incoming so you've been warned. You can also check out our spoiler-free review right here!

As we saw in the initial footage, Cap does, in fact, disappear after the Terrigen Engine explosion on A-Day, and we don't see him until much later in the game. At one point though Kamala is able to figure out where A.I.M's secret base is, which turns out to be in space, and Tony grabs his experimental suit and heads towards the new target.

Once he gets to the space station he finds there isn't much actually there, at least at first glance. No hordes of security forces greet him initially, as he's managed to get in under their radar, but he then discovers a giant cryo chamber, and once he opens it he discovers a very alive Steve Rogers.

(Photo: ComicBook)

Rogers has been up here and in this chamber since the events of A-Day, as Monica's plan was to abduct him and use his body as a source for her regenerative serum, a serum she's been injecting into George, though he didn't know it was based in part on Cap's blood. Monica's goal was to get Steve, and the Station was more about keeping him inside rather than keeping others out since no one knew about the station in the first place.

Tony then frees Steve and the two set about getting off the station, though this time the security is amped up, and it's a wild ride to get to the exit and get off the station. Once they do though Thor is able to help them get back to Earth, reuniting Captain America with the rest of the Avengers.

Oh, and once he is back on Earth he dons his Super Soldier costume, which is pretty damn sweet, and you can check that out below.

(Photo: ComicBook)

You can find the official description for Marvel's Avengers below.

"Marvel’s Avengers is a unique take on these iconic Super Heroes, including Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Black Widow, and Thor. This character-driven story celebrates authentic Marvel heroism and humanity in a cinematic campaign filled with single-player and co-op missions."


Marvel's Avengers is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC now.

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