Marvel's Avengers Announces Permanent Price Drops for Some In-Game Content

Since the game's release last year, Marvel's Avengers has made countless costumes available for download. The game's cast has a significant number of alternate looks to choose from, and that can prove a bit costly for players. When the game's War for Wakanda DLC released earlier this year, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics offered price drops on the game's Legendary Outfits, Epic Outfits, and Rare Outfits. Today, the companies announced that those price drops would become permanent! Legendary Outfits now cost 900 credits, Epic cost 700 credits, and Rare can be obtained for 500 credits.

The price drop was announced through a Tweet from the game's official account, which can be found embedded below.

The permanent price drops were revealed alongside new "Morning Workout" outfits, which are now available in the game's store. While the new price points are exciting, readers should keep in mind that this does not include costumes based on the MCU. Those costumes are designated Exotic Outfits, which will retain their 1400 credit price point. Given how popular those designs are, it's easy to see why that price has been retained, but the news will likely prove disheartening for those hoping to see a discount.

Monetization in Marvel's Avengers has been a touchy subject since the game's launch. DLC has become a reality of the video game industry, but gamers really don't like feeling taken advantage of, and some of the pricing in the game has been a bit higher than most players would like. The perception around Marvel's Avengers seems to have improved with a lot of the game's updates, and hopefully these price drops will similarly help. At the very least, it might convince some players to drop a little extra cash on the game!

Marvel's Avengers is currently available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Google Stadia, and PC. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.


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