Watch: Marvel's Avengers CB Plays Features New Gameplay, Nick Fury, and Massive Boss Fight

Marvels fans are finally getting a chance to experience Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics' anticipated Marvel's Avengers game for themselves during the PlayStation 4 beta, and thankfully there's quite a bit to see and do. If you're still working your way through the opening Golden Gate Bridge level of Marvel's Avengers and want a look at what else you can do in the beta though, we've got you covered, as yours truly took a deep dive into the beta and recorded it for this newest Marvel's Avengers edition of ComicBook Plays. As you can see in the video above, you'll be teaming up Hulk and Ms. Marvel as you make your way through an old Stark base, meeting Nick Fury, and throwing down with some massive bosses courtesy of A.I.M throughout the beta, and you can watch it all unfold with some commentary in the video above!

During the video we show you some highlights of each of the Avengers in action, showcasing some of their cooler moves, abilities, and combos, and you'll see them fight in not only single-player missions but also in H.A.R.M. scenarios, Warzones, Dropzones, and a Villain Sector, which ends in a crazy battle with a large A.I.M. mech. My Black Widow is not daunted, however, and I show you how to use her unique skills to take down this powerful machine.

You'll also get a look at how Iron Man plays, showcasing how he can switch from rockets to lasers to repulsors, and yes, we did include a full display of what Pym Particle armor can do, and it's glorious.

You can check out all the costumes you can unlock in the beta right here, and if you're unfamiliar with the game, you can find the official description for Marvel's Avengers below.

"Marvel’s Avengers is an ambitious game, starting with a global high-stakes race to reassemble and rebuild the Avengers. But that’s just the beginning. To ensure a continuing heroic experience for all players, the narrative of Marvel’s Avengers expands, and threats escalate with each new post-release Super Hero, region and story arc delivered to players at no additional cost once they own the core game.

Players in Marvel’s Avengers are also able to customize Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in a number of ways. While each Super Hero plays true to their unique power sets, each has the flexibility to play differently based on the gear you equip them with and the skills you enable, so no two player’s heroes plays in exactly the same way. Each hero has dynamic combo systems, Heroic moves, an intrinsic ability, and signature move sets to unlock and customize – many inspired by classic moves from the 80 years of Marvel history in all media, others crafted as originals just for this game."


Marvel's Avengers hits PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia on September 4th, 2020.

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