Metal Gear Solid Cast Reunites for Secretive Panel

Earlier this month, we started to hear murmurs that the voice acting cast behind the original Metal Gear Solid might be getting back together for a reunion panel of some sort. While specifics of the panel still haven't been divulged just yet, it looks as though the reunion has already transpired behind the scenes.

Over on Twitter recently, David Hayter, who is the longtime voice of Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid series, posted an image from what looked to be a Zoom call. The call featured just about every major actor that played a part in the first MGS including Debi Mae West, Robin Atkin Downes, and Christopher Randolph, to name a few. "Look who I've been hanging out with," Hayter said in the tweet's caption. "An epic reunion with the Metal Gear Solid cast to rock your world."

The only downside about this revelation is that we don't know specifics about what this panel is for. Is it just a way for the Metal Gear Solid cast to get together and reminisce about the original game? Or is there something else happening here?

Fortunately, it doesn't sound like we'll be in the dark much longer. Hayter said that more details are "coming soon." Based on previous information we received, it was also said that this panel might release in January. So if there are more developments on this front, they might occur next week.

Of course, if there is anything substantial that is revealed about this panel day, we'll keep you updated here on in the near future. Until that time, you can also keep up with all of our specific coverage on Metal Gear Solid right here.


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