Oscar Isaac Joins Metal Gear Solid Movie As Solid Snake

Star Wars and Dune actor Oscar Isaac is in talks to play Solid Snake in the new Metal Gear Solid movie, according to recent reports. Should the casting talks play out and Isaac be confirmed for the role, this would answer the longstanding question of who could play Snake in a movie adaptation of the acclaimed video game franchise. The movie adaptation is being directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts and is being produced at Sony Pictures with no current release date.

Deadline first reported on the news of the apparent Metal Gear Solid casting decision while citing unnamed sources. Neither Isaac nor anyone involved with the film have confirmed the casting decision yet. Deadline also said that, as one might've expected from the announcement, Isaac's involvement in the Metal Gear Solid movie has given the film new momentum. It's now a "high priority" for Sony Pictures moving forward, though the film still doesn't yet have a date set for when production will begin.

This isn't the first time that Isaac and the Metal Gear Solid movie have come up together in conversations though. The well-known artist BossLogic created some artwork years ago that showed an idea of what Isaac would look like should he ever be adapted into a Metal Gear Solid movie. In a conversation with IGN, Isaac said he would throw his hat in for consideration for a role in a Metal Gear Solid movie.

The fact that the artwork above is dated from 2018 should give an idea of how long talks about Vogt-Roberts' Metal Gear Solid movie have been going on. We've seen concept art for the film as well as plenty of insights from the director on what he intends to do with the Metal Gear Solid movie, but this is the first major announcement that's been made.


The Metal Gear Solid movie does not yet have a release date nor does it even have a date for when production will start.