Microsoft Expects Xbox One X to Sell Out at Launch


Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg has little doubt about the success of the Xbox One X saying that players should go ahead and get their console while they can before it completely sells out at launch.

Greenberg, the marketing general manager for Xbox, gave the advice to gamers through a livestream that was aired on Microsoft’s Mixer service. During the livestream, Greenberg discussed the success of the Xbox One X so far and anticipated even more success in the coming future as we approach the launch of the Xbox One X.

Those who have been keeping up with the Xbox One X preorders will likely recall that the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition recently became available for preordering, but the console wasn’t available for very long. The special edition of the console sold out rather quickly, apparently much faster than anticipated. Greenberg said that Microsoft had an idea of how long the preorders would be up until there were no more units left, but that apparently didn’t take quite as long as they’d anticipated.

Moving on from the success of the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition, Greenberg spoke about what he thinks will happen when the Xbox One X officially launches on Nov. 7. Regarding the success of the first round of preorders that were made available in late August, Xbox fans can likely expect similar results with the second wave of Xbox One X preorders that’s coming soon this month. Greenberg encouraged gamers to act quickly during the second preorder period to make sure they reserve their copy, because when the console releases in November, he expects it to sell out quickly after it launches.

If what Greenberg suggests is to be believed, it might end up being pretty difficult to get your hands on an Xbox One X after it launches if you choose to take the non-preorder route instead of reserving your copy beforehand. It’s been seen already this year how eagerly people pursue new consoles with the Nintendo Switch shortages, and if Microsoft’s predictions are accurate, it may happen again around the holidays.


The Xbox One X is scheduled for a launch on Nov. 7.

[via DualShockers]