Myst TV & Film Universe In Development

Myst is an adventure puzzle game that doesn't have players picking up a gun or strapping [...]

Myst is an adventure puzzle game that doesn't have players picking up a gun or strapping themselves into a mech suit, rather, characters need to rely on their wits to overcome the challenges that are presented to them. While the game doesn't tend to focus on heroes and villains, it rather takes the opportunity to seamlessly weave an environment into the collective psyches of fans across the world. Though the game has been around for some time, it looks like Hollywood has finally decided to get in on the action and create a film and television universe for the world of Myst.

Hollywood Reporter dropped the news that Myst will be brought to both the small and silver screens by noted production house, Village Roadshow:

While no details of the story have been released yet, the original creators of the game series, Rand and Ryan Miller, will be joining Village Roadshow to bring the world a new interpretation of the long running video games. The story that can be found in Myst runs across thousands of years, though the player you control is nameless in order to present a more immerse world. The player would be dropped onto a mystical island wherein a series of puzzles needed to be solved, along with discovering the secrets of the island and the world at large, in order to return home.

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Originally released in 1993, the game series primarily stuck to the PC, tending to not drop on video game consoles such as Nintendo, Sega, Sony Playstation, or Microsoft X-Box. There were six Myst video games released in total, tending to follow the same structure of puzzle solving while diving into more details of the world that players would constantly find themselves in.

With the premise of Myst revolving around the discovery and recreation of ancient tomes, think of the series as a completely bloodless, horror-less Evil Dead, where Ash is needed to pick up individual pages of the "Necronomicon" without employing his chainsaw or "boom stick". There is just so much lore to be found in Myst, though considering the way that it was presented in the game series, it should be interesting to see how this is able to be translated into a multi-episode television series or feature length film.

What do you think of the news that Myst is receiving its own "universe"? Were you a big fan of the series? What are some notable moments that you'd like to see portrayed? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, or Myst!