Netflix’s Castlevania Series Is Getting a Fan-Favorite Character in Season 2

It seemed like only a few days ago that Castlevania animated series executive producer Adi Shankar revealed a new trailer for the second season, getting us excited to see familiar characters back in action as they take on Dracula. But those aren't the only faces that we'll see when the animated series returns this fall.

Along with familiar favorites, Castlevania will also be bringing back a blast from the past -- Hector! The Curse of Darkness favorite has been confirmed for the series, even though his role hasn't been fully fleshed out yet.

Shankar shared the news on his Facebook account earlier today, saying, "Dear Hector, I'd like to formally welcome you, a devil forgemaster, to our family this season. May you survive the game of fangs. Best, Adi." And he then included an image and, yep, Hector looks pretty spectacular. You can see him below.

The fan feedback for Hector so far has been mostly supportive. One fan noted, "I will say he is a very obscure character from Castlevania but I am still glad to see other characters added from the Castlevania series. If he is in the show which I hope he is. And can he be voiced by Crispin Freeman again?" A novel idea, really.

Another fan chimed in, "Hector in S2 of the animated CV series obviously steps away from the previous origin story in the comic, but that's ok. The more things that are different makes it easier to view the animated series as its own reboot while still paying proper tribute to known characters and canon."

Finally, another fan pretty much got right to the point. "YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! So glad to see this guy back in here. Curse of Darkness needed to be brought back into the spotlight."

Curse of Darkness broke away from the traditional 2D Castlevania mold and went full 3D (like the Castlevania Nintendo 64 games before it) when it released for Xbox and PlayStation 2 in 2005, introducing the world to Hector. Since he's not a member of the Belmont clan, he doesn't use a traditional whip. Instead, he acquires a number of weapons to defeat foes, including swords, brass knuckles, spears, axes and more.

Though some fans preferred the older 2D Castlevania games, most of them warmed up to Curse of Darkness, calling it a nice twist on the traditional formula. And at long last, fans can celebrate Hector's return. Now if we can just get him back in a video game…


Kudos to Adi and the Castlevania team for adding an obscure favorite. You have to wonder just how deep they're going to dig into the series lore. Hmmmm.

Castlevania Season Two will launch on Netflix starting on October 26.