Netflix Reveals Games Based on Money Heist, Shadow and Bone, and More

Netflix has revealed a bunch of new games based on some of its most popular TV shows. Last year, Netflix announced its intent to enter the gaming space. At the time, some assumed the streamer would do this by acting like a more widely accessible of something like Google Stadia and be a way to stream the hottest games without a console or PC. While there's a chance that could happen someday, Netflix has opted to pour its resources into developing new titles based on its wide variety of incredibly successful and popular IPs. Shows like Stranger Things have already been loosely adapted into games by Netflix, but a bunch more are on the way.

As part of Netflix Geeked Week, Netflix announced games for Money Heist, The Queen's Gambit, Shadow and Bone, and the mega popular reality show Too Hot to Handle. The Queen's Gambit: Chess is pretty self explanatory, but the game allows players to play chess, do puzzles, and learn how to play chess in a game that "pays homage" to the popular mini-series.

La Casa De Papel (AKA Money Heist) will rope players into a heist that involves robbing a billionaire's casino in Monaco and it looks like it will pack a lot of high-octane action. Too Hot to Handle will let players experience the celibate island for themselves and work to fight against their temptations while "sexy singles [are] all vying for your affection". Finally, Shadow and Bones: Destinies is a new narrative-driven RPG set within the world of Netflix's beloved fantasy series with various choices to dictate where the story goes.

All these games are in development are expected to be released by 2023 on Netflix itself. It's a pretty impressive early line-up for Netflix's gaming venture and will likely find a lot of success with casual gamers who want to continue to live within the worlds of their favorite shows after they've ended. Whether any of these games will be good or not remains to be seen, but it shows Netflix's commitment to the medium.

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