New Borderlands Figures Debut: Action Figures, Replicas, Apparel, And More

'Get outta my shop, or I'll punch yo butt' - Tiny Tina might have some qualms about shop [...]


"Get outta my shop, or I'll punch yo butt" - Tiny Tina might have some qualms about shop patronage, but we don't because this new Borderlands line is pretty amazing. It includes new collectible figures from McFarlane Toys, new replicas, Funko Pops, clothing, and more. It's pretty much the best thing ever for Borderlands too, though no Butt Stallion in this line-up.

There are four new action figures now available for pre-order including a 7 inch Clap Trap, Zero, Handsome Jack, and Tiny Tina (our "maaaain squeeze"). There are also a few new Funko Pops available too, including an Emperor Clap Trap, Lilith, Tiny Tin, and Zero. A Mad Moxxi vinyl figure is also available, though it's not the same as its Funko Pop chibi counterpart.

In addition to the two new messenger bags added, a Psycho Buzz Axe and Psycho Mask replica has been added to the 2K Store, as well. Leggings, a hoodie, new shirts, and - of course - the games themselves are also all available. So whether you are looking to "make it raaaaaain" with Tiny Tina, or talk about your secretly depressed feelings with Clap Trap; there are even more ways to show off that Borderlands pride.

Here are just a few of the things you can check out in their shop:

(Photo: Tiny Tina - Pre-order for $17.99)
(Photo: Zero - Pre-order for $17.99)
(Photo: Psycho Buzz Axe Replica - $49.99)
(Photo: Clap Trap Leggins - $59.99)

For their full line of officially licensed merchandise, check out the 2K store here.