New Planet Of The Apes Game Promises To Be As Dramatic As The Films

The recent Planet of the Apes film trilogy has been nothing short of a tour-de-force, mainly [...]

The recent Planet of the Apes film trilogy has been nothing short of a tour-de-force, mainly thanks to the acting by Andy Serkis, as well as the brilliant storytelling that covered all three films without missing a beat. But there's more where that came from, as we'll soon be getting a video game that takes an equally dramatic approach.

The team at Imaginati Studios have revealed a new Planet of the Apes game, Last Frontier, that promises to take a different approach, instead of just being a game that features apes with guns.

Last Frontier's events will take place between Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and War for the Planet of the Apes, and will have a much similar tone, showing the intensity growing between the human race and the smartly evolved apes.

The game is actually being produced in Andy Serkis' performance capture studio, The Imaginarium, and will feature a variety of gameplay techniques built around the choice of the players, where the wrong decision could lead you down an entirely different path. It'll play out more like an interactive movie of sorts, where you can choose the fate of the characters that are involved. But they'll be choices that are made often, so you still feel involved with what's happening.

Though Last Frontier will be on the short side, there will be a number of endings that can be unlocked, and its visuals look nothing short of stunning, mianly due to the work over at The Imaginarium. If you enjoyed how the movies look, then you'll no doubt feel right at home with how this game comes across.

It's hard to tell how the game will shape up at this point, as it's still in the midst of development, and some players may be slightly disappointed that it's not a full-on action game. That said, it has some promise, and you can see the trailer, which made its debut on IGN earlier today, above, which gives you a better idea of what kind of dramatic arc Imaginati is going for.

Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier will arrive this fall for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.