New Pokemon Snap Reveals Number of New Pokemon in Game

New Pokemon Snap will have "over 200" Pokemon for players to take photos of and interact with. Earlier today, The Pokemon Company released a new trailer for New Pokemon Snap, the long-awaited sequel to the Pokemon picture-taking Nintendo 64 game. The trailer revealed that New Pokemon Snap would be released on April 30, 2021 and will feature "over 200" Pokemon. That's a big increase from the first Pokemon Snap game, which only featured 63 Pokemon species. However, those 200+ Pokemon species is a far cry from the nearly 900 Pokemon species that now appear in the franchise.

About 50 Pokemon species have appeared in the two trailers for New Pokemon Snap. Those Pokemon include fan-favorites like Pikachu and Squirtle, along with newer Pokemon like Pyukumuku and Grookey. One note about the featured Pokemon is that there seems to be an emphasis on Starter Pokemon - at least one Starter Pokemon or Starter Pokemon evolution from every Generation have been spotted in New Pokemon Snap, save for Starter Pokemon from the Unova and Kalos region. Also, there is a definite "tropical" vibe to the game, which makes sense as the game's Lental region has been described as a tropical paradise.

Like the original games, New Pokemon Snap will give players the chance to take photos of Pokemon in the wild as they travel through the Lental region in their automated NEO-ONE pod. Players will assist Professor Mirror and his assistant Rita in exploring the Illumina phenomenon, a mysterious effect that causes plants and Pokemon to glow in the region. As with the original Pokemon Snap games, players' photos will be judged based on several criteria - pose, placement, and size will all be evaluated in a final score. Players can toss fluffruit to Pokemon to change their behavior, and some Pokemon will act differently as players travel through the region. Players will keep track of their progress using a Photodex that catalogs Pokemon behavior and photo scores.

New Pokemon Snap is one of several major Pokemon releases planned for 2020. The franchise is also collaborating with Katy Perry and other musicians in the new P25 Music project to release new Pokemon-themed music throughout the year. Other announcements, including a possible new Pokemon game, will also be coming over the next few months.

New Pokemon Snap is available for pre-order now. The game will be released on the Nintendo Switch on April 30th.