'NieR: Automata' Getting a GOTY Edition On PS4 and PC


One of 2017's best, most unique, and strangest games, NieR: Automata, is apparently getting a game of the year edition.

News of a GOTY edition for the critically-acclaimed action-RPG doesn't come way of Square Enix or developer PlatinumGames, but actually courtesy of the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) who has gone live with a rating for NieR: Automata Game of the YoRHA Edition.

For those that don't know: the ESRB is who rates your games if you're in North America, and who sometimes leaks games before their announcements via rating postings.

If you've played NeiR: Automata, then the ESRB's warning of blood, partial nudity, strong language, and violence will come as no surprise.

The rating board provides the following "rating summary" for the M for Mature-rated game:

"This is an action game in which players assume the role of androids attempting to save Earth from extraterrestrial machines. Players use swords, spears, lances, and lasers to destroy enemy robots in melee-style combat. Large explosions and realistic gunfire are frequently heard during combat. Some sequences depict blood and additional acts of violence against human-like characters: a man impaled through the chest with a sword, resulting in large blood-splatter effects; character lying in pools of blood after getting stabbed. Some characters wear revealing outfits with partially exposed buttocks; one male character is depicted nude (without genitalia). The words "f**k" and "sh*t" are heard in the dialogue."

Unfortunately, the rating board doesn't disclose when we can expect this new edition of the 2017 game, but it does divulge that we can expect it on PlayStation 4 and PC.

As for what to expect from the special edition, that also isn't revealed. However, it's likely the base game packaged together with its DLC -- 3C3CID119440927 -- plus maybe some extra goodies.


With the rating live, we will presumably be hearing about it in an official capacity sometime soon. Maybe during The Game Awards 2018?

Widely hailed as one of the best games from last year, the title from PlatinumGames has shipped over three million copies to date. Personally, it was may favorite game of 2017, and I would love another excuse to buy it and play it again.