Nintendo eShop Is Down After New Switch Owners Flood the Servers

(Photo: Nintendo)

Right now Nintendo's eShop servers are down, which means that everyone with a new Switch is having a rough time trying to connect and buy some games for their new consoles, or download updates. We all knew this was going to happen. If it happened to the Wii U, which didn't sell very well at all, it was going to happen to the Nintendo Switch, which everyone wanted this holiday! Nintendo sent out the following Tweet to let everyone know that they're working to resolve the issue:

There was no time-frame given for corrections, and we doubt they will offer one. The issue will work itself out as Nintendo's tech team irons out the issues and the stream of people trying to flood the eShop thins out a bit. If you're sitting there with your new Nintendo Switch eager to jump into some new games, you'll just have to make due with whatever physical games you got with your new console.

If you're an existing Switch owner, and you're wanting to move your games to a higher-capacity memory card, you could be in luck. Usually you would just insert your formatted card and then re-download all of your games from the eShop. Obviously that's impossible right now, but you can transfer your games and photos via PC if your computer has a slot to accept your memory card.

Most of you will need an SD card adapter for the microSD. If you have one, all you have to do is place your memory card into your PC, copy and past all of its contents onto your hard drive, insert your larger memory card into the computer, and then copy everything over. It really is that easy, and your game saves are all safe and sound on the Nintendo Switch's internal hard drive.


Good luck, everyone. You now own the most innovative console of the generation, and as soon as the eShop is back up, you're going to discover an entire world of incredible new games. Just be patient!