New Nintendo Switch Tease Hints at Big and "Surprising" Games Coming

A new Nintendo Switch teaser from Saber Interactive hints at big and "surprising" games coming to Switch and Switch Lite in the future. The international studio is one of the best in the business when it comes to Nintendo Switch ports. In fact, it may be the best in the industry in this regard. To this day, it's unclear what type of wizardry the developer used to get The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to not only run on the console, but run pretty well all things considered.

That said, according to the developer, or more specifically, its CEO Matthew Karch, the underpowered console actually has some untapped potential. In fact, Karch suggests not only is there more power developers can get out of the system, but he seemingly teases some "upcoming titles" that he thinks will surprise Nintendo fans.

“We are big fans of the Nintendo Switch and feel there is still a lot of great potential in the hardware and the platform," said Karch while speaking to Wccftech. "We have had enormous success so far, launching many titles on the Switch, and we are continuing to develop for the platform. We do feel there are more developers who can get out of the Switch hardware, and we think fans will be surprised at some of the upcoming titles for it.”

Unfortunately, Karch doesn't divulge any more teasing details, but it's quite possible at least one of these games is the World War Z Switch port Saber Interactive is working on, a port that the team has described as its hardest port yet.


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