Huge Nintendo Switch Rumor Reportedly Reveals 17 Upcoming Games

A huge Nintendo Switch leak has reportedly revealed 17 upcoming games. Whether any or all of these games will end up releasing on Switch and Switch Lite, remains to be seen, but some of the titles have now been thrown around by several rumors, reports, and leaks. This doesn't necessarily add weight to this new report, but it does suggest there's some truth to some individual claims. If the report is wholly accurate, it's one of the biggest Nintendo leaks in years.

The report begins by claiming the following four games are getting ports/remasters that will hit Switch and Switch Lite: Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Dark Souls 2 Remastered, Tales of Destiny 2, and a nostalgic Zelda game (likely Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask). Adding to this list of titles, the report mentions the following games with the caveat that these may not be ports or remasters, but remakes: Fossil Fighters, TimeSplitters, a Sonic game, and a Virtual Boy title.

The report doesn't stop there, but rather shifts gears to brand new games, mentioning the following will release between this year and next: a new Mario Strikers, a new Wario Ware, a Metroid 2D side-scroller, a Sonic Spin-Off, and a new Radiant Historia.

Capping all of this, the report mentions three games it claims should be taken with an extra grain of salt: an Earthbound reboot, a Mii game similar to Guitar Hero, and more Ring Fit Adventure.

All of this comes the way of "Eclipse" over on Twitter, though right now it's unclear if any of this is original are just the user taking a megaphone to recent rumors. In other words, take all of this with a grain of salt. While I've heard a few things about a few of these games, I've heard next to nothing about even more in this report.


As you would expect, Nintendo hasn't said a peep about any of this. If this changes, we will update the story accordingly, but don't expect it to change. Nintendo never comments on rumors or report or leaks.

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