Nintendo Game Boy Becomes Game Man Thanks to Awesome Console Mod

The Nintendo Game Boy completely revolutionized the video game industry when it launched 32 years [...]

The Nintendo Game Boy completely revolutionized the video game industry when it launched 32 years ago, and it still has a very faithful following. That's likely what inspired YouTube's Grumpy Modeler to recreate the system, albeit in a much bigger form. In a video shared to Reddit, the modder took the handheld and made it into the "Game Man," a significantly larger system. In a move that evokes the Nintendo Switch, the modder even added the ability to play the system on a television set. The results are very cool, and Grumpy Modeler even offers instructions on how fans can make their own.

The original Reddit post from user 0rang3hat can be found embedded below, or the video can be found at the top of this page.

In the video, the Game Man can be seen playing Super Mario USA, which released on Nintendo's Famicom (better known as Super Mario Bros. 2 on NES). That's because Grumpy Modeler's Game Man was designed to house a Famicom, though the modder states it can be used "for any hardware," citing the Raspberry Pi as another possibility. The sheer size might make it too unwieldy for most gamers, but those interested in giving it a try for themselves can learn more right here.

It's always interesting to see the custom creations that modders come up with! While Grumpy Modeler calls the Game Man "completely impractical and pointless," there's a definite charm to it. It's easy to imagine a lot of Game Boy fans wouldn't mind having a bigger take on the system for themselves. At the very least, it would make an excellent showpiece for a video game collection!

Released in 1989, the original Game Boy was an evolution of Nintendo's Game & Watch series. Those handheld devices featured basic games that came pre-installed on the hardware and could not be swapped out. The Game Boy took things a step further, with swappable games that offered a quality similar to those on NES, minus the color palette. Games like Super Mario Land, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, and Pokemon Red and Blue helped the system become a major success, paving a path that eventually led to the Nintendo Switch.

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