New Nintendo Switch Console Variant and Pro Controller Revealed

In just two months, Monster Hunter Rise will arrive on Nintendo Switch, and that same day, fans [...]

In just two months, Monster Hunter Rise will arrive on Nintendo Switch, and that same day, fans will have the opportunity to snag a console variant and Pro Controller based on the game! The console variant features the classic version of the system, with a number of markings meant to evoke the upcoming game, including a gold version of Magnamalo appearing on the Dock. That creature seems to play a major role in the game, which is probably why it also appears on the new Pro Controller design, as well! Unfortunately, both items have only been announced for Japan, as of this writing.

Images of the console and controller can be found below.

Monster Hunter Switch 1
(Photo: Nintendo)
Monster Hunter Switch 2
(Photo: Nintendo)
Monster Hunter Pro Controller
(Photo: Nintendo)

It's hard to say for certain whether or not these items will release in other territories. It's not unheard of for Nintendo to release console variants that remain exclusive to the region, and controllers have gotten that treatment, as well; there are even exclusive Joy-Con colors, as well! Until Nintendo makes an official announcement, Monster Hunter fans will just have to keep their fingers crossed, and an eye on websites that specialize in imports!

Nintendo and Capcom seem to be giving Monster Hunter Rise a major push ahead of its release, so it wouldn't be surprising if both items were announced for North America! In addition to the console bundle and Pro Controller, Monster Hunter Rise is also getting its own line of amiibo figures, exclusive to GameStop locations. amiibo based on third-party games tend to be fairly uncommon, but this wave marks the second game in the Monster Hunter franchise to get the treatment. Last but not least, Monster Hunter Rise also has a demo currently available on the eShop, and playing it will grant players in-game items when the full version releases. The demo is only available for a few more days, so fans interested in trying the game before its release will want to check it out before February 1st!

Monster Hunter Rise is set to release worldwide on March 26th, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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