Monster Hunter Rise Demo Provides Free Items in the Full Game

Following Capcom's Monster Hunter Rise Twitch stream on Thursday, the publisher released a demo [...]

Following Capcom's Monster Hunter Rise Twitch stream on Thursday, the publisher released a demo for the upcoming Nintendo Switch game on the eShop. Fans that might still be on the fence about checking out the demo will be happy to know that there is a nice incentive for playing it before the full version of Monster Hunter Rise is released. Players that have save data for the demo will be able to snag a batch of items that should prove helpful in the game: Mega Potion (x20), Pitfall Trap (x5), Energy Drink (x10), Mega Demondrug (x5), and Mega Armorskin (x5).

Missing out on these items probably won't make a difference to most Monster Hunter veterans, but it should provide newcomers with some help at the start of the game. The game's demo is only available through February 1st, so players that are interested in snagging these items in the game will want to make sure that they head on over to the eShop while the demo is still available.

For those unfamiliar with Monster Hunter Rise, the game represents the next main series entry, following Monster Hunter World. The new series entry will add an all-new feature in the form of Wire Action, as well as Amiibo compatibility, and some kind of link with the upcoming game Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. Capcom has not yet detailed what that link might be, but it is possible that it could work in the same way that Monster Hunter Rise rewards players with save data from the demo.

Over the last few years, a number of publishers have given players extra incentives for checking out demos prior to a game's release. In the case of Nintendo Switch games like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, this came in the form of being able to transfer save data into the full version. That isn't the case for Monster Hunter Rise, but fans of the series should be happy to see that Capcom has given them some free items in exchange for checking out the game ahead of time!

Monster Hunter Rise is set to release worldwide on March 26th, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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