No Man’s Sky Update To Deliver A Deeper Story And Quick Travel Portals Later This Week

The crushing hype surrounding the procedurally-generated space exploration sim No Man’s Sky may [...]

(Photo: Hello Games)

The crushing hype surrounding the procedurally-generated space exploration sim No Man's Sky may have dissipated, but developer Hello Games hasn't stopped supporting and improving the title. Recently, the studio launched a complex alternate reality game, which has provided a myriad of hints about the future of the No Man's Sky universe, and yesterday those who participated received an email announcement for the game's next big free expansion, Atlas Rises.

Redditor GalaSniper posted the message, which promises story improvements and other new features:

"Update 1.3 will release this week and will be available for free to all No Man's Sky players. We're calling it Atlas Rises. It focuses on improving the central story of No Man's Sky and adds the ability to quick travel between locations using portals. Patch notes will be made available shortly before the update goes live."

Hello Games also took the time to thank the fans who have supported them over this past year:

"It's been a year since No Man's Sky first released, and it's been an exciting, intense and emotional year for us at Hello Games. We have been quiet, but we have been listening intently. We've spent that year working hard on free updates for this game our team cares about so much.

We really wanted to reach out and celebrate the devoted community that means so much to us. We launched Waking Titan [alternate reality game] to try to do that. Over the last eight weeks a quarter of a million players from across the globe (174 countries, to be precise!) have come together - united by a shared love of mystery and science fiction. You've become part of the No Man's Sky origin story. It's been an honor to watch, but this is just the beginning."

No Man's Sky is currently available on PC & PS4. As mentioned above, update 1.3 launches sometime this week.