Nvidia Launches Cloud Gaming Service

Whether or not streaming will prove to be the future of gaming is still anyone's guess. There are a number of perks for players, and even more so for the publishers, but Google Stadia has proven that there are just as many potential problems, as well. Still, that hasn't stopped Microsoft from slowly rolling out their own game streaming service, and now Nvidia is apparently releasing their own program to the masses, as well! Unlike Stadia and Project xCloud, Nvidia's GeForce NOW allows players to access their library of PC games from Steam, Epic or Battle.net, and play them on any of their devices. Not every one of those games will be playable on the service right away, but it's much more appealing than expecting players to start a new library from the ground up!

For the PC crowd, GeForce NOW could prove to be a much more appealing cloud streaming service than both Stadia and Project xCloud. The service costs $5 per month, though potential subscribers will want to see if there is an Nvidia data center near them, first. This is to ensure players will deal with less latency, but gamers unsure about how their proximity will affect streaming can also create a free account. The free version does place limits on how long a game can be played, and what hardware can be utilized, however.

When it comes to cloud streaming, one of the largest hurdles for gamers to clear is the fact that they don't own the actual titles. With GeForce NOW, gamers are accessing titles they have purchased and own digitally, which is a stark contrast to services like Stadia. It seems highly unlikely that console gamers will make the plunge, but for PC players, this could be a very big deal.

While GeForce NOW does seem to have a lot of potential, it's likely some gamers will be scared off by the restrictions. The fact that Nvidia is already talking about an eventual price increase certainly doesn't help. Still, the ability to access Steam games from any device should give players interested in cloud streaming a reason to look at Nvidia's option.


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