'Overwatch' Cosplayer Takes Her Widowmaker Cosplay to the Next Level With Underwater Shoot

The world of cosplay is one that has grown so much in recent years, and it's a phenomenal microcosm bursting with creativity and imagination. With Blizzard's Overwatch continuing to show off their amazing community, it's not surprising that the popular FPS has spawned some incredible cosplays for its incredible heroes and this Widowmaker rendition is a perfect example of that.

With such an exquisite attention to detail to her craft, it's easy the deadly sniper in the real world thanks to the cosplayer that goes by "Ten." Widowmaker is the anti-hero assassin from Blizzard's Overwatch and the sniper has a French grace to her that makes it easy to forget that she's in fact a cold-hearted killer. With a tragic backstory and a bleak future, Ten did a phenomenal job at not only capturing the skintone perfectly, but the pose and armor as well! You can almost hear her taunting you before landing that headshot ...

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