This Fan Created Their Own Overwatch Cairo Map, And It Looks Fantastic

Overwatch has a fair share of terrific maps for players to choose from, but it's always interesting to see what fans of the series can create in their spare time. Like, for instance, Joshua Ilorente.

This superfan has managed to create his own Cairo-based map within the game, and while it's far from an official addition to the game, it's looking pretty incredible, based on the video above.

Ilorente actually spent about two months' worth of time putting the map together, and didn't manage to use any of the game's models, according to Kotaku. "All assets including textures and models are created by me," he explained on Reddit. "No downloaded content." And that's really something.

There are a number of little details that show the work he put into the map, including the many paths that are put into it, like with the alleys and upper pathways.

Ever since the YouTube video posted, it's been getting a lot of attention from both YouTube and Reddit. One user, Johnny Terraform, noted, "Why. Are. You. Not. At. Blizzard," while another on Reddit praised, "YES PLEASE! THIS is what Egypt really looks like. A beautiful mixture of Islamic and ancient Egyptian architecture with modern touches here and there. Source: I am Egyptian."

Despite the work he's put into the design, however, Ilorente knows he still has a ways to go before joining the Blizzard elite. "I still need to learn a lot," he noted. "I think I'll gather first some experience here in our local game dev industry. And maybe in the future I'll try to apply there."

He certainly has quite the recommendations going for him.


Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.